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Archery is one of the most exciting and enjoyable sports. From tournament archery to 3d archery to bowunting it can be pretty daunting trying to figure out what gear to get.

Bowhunting and Archery Supplies

The Internet is filled with hundreds of online stores not to mention ebay and amazon and other bigger shops...It makes finding gear easy, but knowing where to shop for the best deals and all around saftey can be tough. Luckily I've been shopping online almost since "Al Gore invented the internet" I've got some pretty good ideas as to where you should start your search.

Online Stores

If you want to get the best deals in archery, then you should consider joinging the "Professional Bowhunter Buyer's Club". Members get special discounts at two of the largest and most reliable online archery and bowhunting stores... and Both of these stores sell over 14,000 items and definitely have what you are looking for!

Local Shops

If you are not a veteren archer or bowhunter, you really should buy your gear from a local pro-shop. The prices might be higher, but trust me, it will save you money by not buying the wrong stuff. THere is little intuitive about archery and having a seasoned veteren help you out is priceless!


Looking For Better Performance? You May Not Need To Buy A New Bow...Just Upgrade Your Old One.
the easiest and most obvious upgrade to your sight is to change the pins. Fiber optic pins are showing up as standard equipment on almost every new sight being built today. There's a reason for this. Pulling your sight picture together can be a slow process if you can't see your pins well. Fiber optic pins are highly visible at first and last legal light (they also improve your sight picture even during the day when there's a heavy overcast) so you can easily see both your target and the correct pin. Several companies make fiber optic pins that can be added to your existing sight to keep expenses down. The pins thread into standard 6-32 or 8-32 pin blocks. They include Timberline, Toxonics, Montana Black Gold, TruGlo, Game Tracker and Cobra.

Another sighting system that bears consideration is the No- Peep from Timberline. It is a bow alignment system that mounts under your sight and is intended to replace your peep sight. As long as the No- Peep lines up correctly (two concentric circles must fall into the proper relationship) you know you're at your anchor point. The No-Peep also gives you feedback on your shooting form - something a peep sight can't do. If you are torquing the grip the No-Peep won't align.

Bubble levels are another simple upgrade that will improve accuracy if you tend to cant your bow and subsequently miss to the left or right regularly. The bubble helps you hold the bow consistently at the same angle, straight up and down, regardless of the contorted position you may be in when you take the shot.

Moveable-pin sights: Moveable-pin sights are debatably the most accurate of all styles because they allow you to set the single aiming point for the exact yardage of the shot. You don't have to guess on how high or low to hold one of your fixed pins. Despite their advantages, make the upgrade to a moveable-pin sight only after giving serious consideration to how it will be used. If shots will be quick and hurried, as can be the case when a big buck comes past your stand at a fast walk, shot distance changes with each stride - even while you're at full draw. Some moveable-pin sights can be adjusted with your bow hand while at full draw, but others can not. Weigh this trade-off carefully when deciding whether or not to make this upgrade and then again when deciding which moveable-pin sight to select.

Should you choose this sighting system, keep the pin set at 25 yards while waiting for game to approach or while making a stalk. This setting offers the greatest flexibility for most bowhunters. Set at 25 yards, your arrows will find the kill zone on deer-sized game on all shots ranging from 15 to 30 yards (assuming arrow speeds of approximately 250 fps, or higher

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